CDP-102 - Compact Disc Player


The CDP-102 is a single-disc CD player that features both balanced and single-ended analog outputs and 24-bit/352.8kHz digital to analog conversion.


model CDP-102
frequency response

8Hz – 20kHz balanced +0dB/-0.1dB
8Hz – 20kHz single ended +0dB/-0.7dB

THD + Noise 0.001% ref 1kHz
0.001% ref 10Hz – 20kHz
Signal to Noise ratio >107dB (unweighted)
Channel Separation 124dB @ 1kHz
112dB 16Hz – 20kHz
D/A converter 1 x Cirrus Logic CS4398
Audio Sample rate 192 KHz
Output level balanced
4 Vrms
Output level single ended

2 Vrms

Power consumption 55w
formats supported CD, CD-R, CD-RW
DVD Audio & Video, VCD, SVCD, MP3,

outputs 2 x RCA
2 x XLR
Coax S/PDIF 1 x RCA
Optical 1 x Toslink
S Video
weights & measurements  
gross weight
net weight
17.5” (445mm)
16.5” (419mm)
4.75” (121mm)
35 lbs (16 kg)
26 lbs (12 kg)


Product Info Sheet

CDP-102 - Product Info Sheet - English


The CDP-102 has 2 software updates. The ZIP Archive contains both updates, but they can be installed independently.

• Main Firmware V1.10, 14 Dec 2007
• MPEG Software V0.199.14.2, 9 March 2009

(The ZIP Archive includes both software updates, the Installation Instructions, Release Notes and Downloader utility.)

How to check the current Firmware

On the front panel or the remote control: press MENU, then from the setup menu select STATUS, then VERSION INFO.

How to install the 2 separate Firmware components

1. The Main Firmware software must be transferred from a local Windows PC to the unit using the Classé Downloader 1.2 utility. The Classé Downloader utility is a small standalone application that can run directly from your computer’s Desktop or Program Files folder without further software installation. It is included in the ZIP download archive.

2. The MPEG Software Update requires creating a recordable data CD-R to update the unit. The software data file (the file name should be FLSH98K.UPD) is included in the ZIP Archive. This file — and only this one file — should be written to a blank CD-R disc to create the update disc. Once the disc has been created follow the update instructions to complete the update.

Owner's Manual


We strongly recommend to have a Voltage Change done by a skilled electro-technician, preferably by someone who has dealt with Classé equipment before.

  • The operating Voltage of a Classé CDT or CDP Player is set with a jumper that you will find on the motherboard of the unit.
  • The unit has a AC sensing mechanism that must be recalibrated once you change the unit's Operating Voltage.
  • Indicate the new Operating Voltage on the back of your unit once you have changed the Operating Voltage, in order not to make an accidental mistake later.
  • The following document explains the Voltage Change Procedure: CLASSE_PRO-TST_CDP-XXX (Voltage Change)V1_2.pdf. This document is also valid for the later models, the CDT-300 and the CDP-502.


  • Fuse change is not necessary when changing the unit's operating voltage;
  • The unit has one internal Fuse.  It is located in the corner near the back panel, beneath another PCB Board.  The fuse is not easily accessible, it requires taking out the top PCB Board.


Drawings 2D/3D

  • CDP-102 - 2D Drawing.pdf
  • CDP-102 - Back Panel Drawing.pdf


  • Classé full Product Brochure - English

Info Sheet


Delta I as well as all Legacy units are now out of Warranty. In the unfortunate event that your unit develops a problem we advise you to follow the procedure below:

  • Make sure the unit has the latest Firmware (if it requires firmware).  Does it solve the issue?
  • Try and find your answer on this website;
  • You can submit a question on-line, call your local Classé Dealer or contact a Classé Service Center directly;
  • Try and find information on any of the on-line Forums.


  • Should your unit require repair, then you have 2 options (since the unit is Out of Warranty)
    • You can try and find a skilled local repair technician to help you repair the defect. Best is to work with someone who has repaired Classé equipment before (we do not keep a list, you will have to ask around).
    • Contact a Classé Service Center to see if they can help you.
    • Where possible, Classé technicians at one of the 3 global Service Centers will help and accommodate any in-depth technical question a local repair technician may have.

Upgrade Kits

There are no Upgrade Kits for this product.

CD/DVD Transport Mechanism Replacement

A CD/DVD Replacement Mechanism (Part No.) is available for this unit.  The Replacement Mechanism can be installed by a skilled Customer, at your own risk. But most often, the Replacement Mechanism is installed by a skilled Dealer, or by one of Classé's global Service Centers.

The replacement mechanism is manufactured by Sony.  In case you order a Transport Mechanism for a CDP/CDT Player with DVD-playback capabilities, the Video Region Code must be set for your geographic region, prior to shipping the mechanism.

Please note that the sales of a replacement mechanism is final: Classé will not take back any used replacement mechanisms, nor do we accept responsibility for any issues that may arise after installation.

(picture of mech)

Replacement Shipping Box

A replacement Shipping Box can be ordered with Classé. The box is made out of Coroplast®, which is a strong and waterproof material.  Semi-rigid foam inserts ensure the best possible protection during storage and transport. Please inquire with your local Classé Dealer or contact Classé directly.

*) For shipping Legacy units (made before Delta I series) we recommend using the original box if still intact, and to put this box with at least 2 inches of semi-rigid foam into a new corrugated box.

Parts Availability

  • Classé still has an inventory of parts for Delta I and Legacy Models.
  • A local Dealer or national Distributor can inquire on your behalf if certain parts are available.

Parts Order

Parts List to follow.